• Breathwave Session

  • Breathwave Session

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BreathWave is a gentle approach to conscious circular breathing; a powerful self healing technique that utilizes your own breath as a natural flow of oxygen and life force energy.

The technique is simply allowing the respiratory system to naturally open and relax without pausing, controlling or forcing the breath

Gradually areas of your breath that have been shut down begin to open and vital oxygen and prana (life force energy) begin to restore the body/mind back to perfect health. The first step is to open the respiratory system. Most people only get a limited amount of vital oxygen due to restricted breathing patterns. Once the breath is connected and flowing freely the breath can become effortless. Our experience confirms that the diaphragm which is 70% of the respiratory system will contract and relax naturally on its own without the use of any other muscles, this in turn rejuvenates and cleanses the body while freeing and relaxing the mind.

The future of medicine is vibrational

Benefits of a Breathwave session

Openly breathing, feeling and participating in life allows this journey to be rich with meaning and purpose. Some of the benefits of this practice include:

  • Deeper sleep patterrns

  • More energy

  •  Calm nervous system

  • Emotional clarity 

  • Present moment awareness

  • Stronger immunity

  • Centered in the storm

  • Undisturbed by chaos

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We offer group and private sessions for you to learn a simple yet extraordinary gift you will carry for your life.

These private one on one or group sessions are offered in the comfort of your own home or villa or you can visit us at our center in San Jose del Cabo.