Surfing Yogis and Yoginis

Surfers can benefit greatly by welcoming a yoga practice into their daily life style.

A yoga practice can minimize the risk of injury and improve recovery after a surf session. Yoga before surfing warms up major muscle groups for an energized surf session and yoga brings awareness to the present moment and focus needed to attain surfing goals in the water.


Yoga also creates a calm energy which helps with overcoming fear and creates a very fast physical response that is needed when ridding big waves.

Yoga gives surfers strength, flexibility, balance and improves breathing. Giving the power needed to have the maximum fun in the water and prevent that nagging back pain very common in surfers.

Both surfing and yoga can be done in a group or in solitude and silence. Both attract nature lovers; and keep their devotees looking and feeling unusually young, strong and vibrant.

Surfing provides a blissful and mystical experience that yogis have been talking about for thousands of years.

In yoga, we move the unseen waves of life force energy through out our bodies. In surfing, we feel the external wave energy that we tap into when doing yoga.

In surfing, you learn that even the less than perfect waves are composed of the same substance, the same salt water, as the perfect waves.

Surfing , like yoga, is a challenge worth meeting day after day after day no matter what the conditions are.

Here at Baja Wellness we provide you with private group or single yoga classes to meet your individual needs. Call us today and we will be happy to schedule a yoga session for you, on the beach before or after surfing or in the comfort of your own home or villa.